[Infographic] 6 Steps for Effective Volunteer Management

Guest post by Jeffrey McCann and Sandra Thomson

Volunteers perform a number of pivotal tasks at nonprofits, from greeting guests at a museum to providing leadership experience on a board of directors. How can nonprofits recruit and retain the best volunteers?

To help inform nonprofit organizations about what motivates volunteers, Assurex Global talked to several experts who work with nonprofits on the ground, gaining valuable suggestions, which were compiled into this helpful infographic:

6 Steps of Effective Volunteer Management InfographicAssurex Global also published a white paper — Insider Secrets to Volunteer Management — where volunteer managers can learn more about the types of benefits volunteers often gain and how managers can tap into them to improve volunteer loyalty.

Read the full white paper and view the original infographic to learn more.

Author Bios:

Jeffrey McCann, Vice President of Digital Strategy at Shaw Sabey & Associates Ltd., was named as one of Canadian Insurance Top Broker Magazine’s “Top 10 Brokers Under the Age of 40”. McCann has been with Shaw Sabey & Associates Ltd. since 2014.

Sandra Thomson is an experienced workshop leader and development consultant who has worked with a wide range of nonprofits throughout British Columbia. She currently serves on the Board of Arts Consultants Canada Associates.