Nonprofit Spotlight: Suicide Prevention for the Mobile Generation

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Editor’s note: Each year, more than 40,000 Americans die because of suicide. It is the 10th leading cause of death nationwide, yet one of the most preventable ones. To highlight Suicide Prevention Awareness Month and World Suicide Prevention Day, VolunteerMatch is spotlighting the birth of a mobile app aimed at tackling suicide in the 21st century.

Christopher Munch
Christopher Munch

After Christopher Munch first lost his best friend to suicide in the 4th grade, he too began experiencing suicidal thoughts. By the time he turned 24, Chris lost four more friends to suicide — one of whom was another best friend and a combat veteran. Chris was the last person to see him alive.

Through early adulthood, Chris worked toward a Masters in Social Work. He says he was fortunate enough to find a job at one of the nation’s few mobile crisis response teams servicing children after graduation. Shortly into his employment, however, he began feeling unsettled about the community’s limited and standardized response to suicide intervention.

Chris grew weary of seeing patients hospitalized who would’ve benefitted from less intrusive therapy, and was surprised by the number of people in the medical field who were inexperienced in detecting and preventing suicide in others.

He thought, “If this is all that’s available — if this is what’s working effectively — then why is suicide on the rise exponentially year-after-year?”

That’s when Chris decided to merge his professional experience with his life’s narrative of helping others. Chris founded ISD Innovations, Inc. in May 2016 — a nonprofit dedicated to influencing, supporting, developing, and designing projects and programs that work to advance social, physical, and mental wellness through innovation.

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