How Volunteering Helps Your Career

How Volunteering Helps Your Career

Sometimes, nonprofits and volunteer program managers can have trouble presenting their volunteer programs in the best light. Consider the following advice on encouraging your volunteers and helping them with getting a job or advancing in their careers.

What Skills Will Be Upgraded?

Make a list of the particular skills that your volunteer program will focus on and how those skills can enrich a volunteer’s knowledge and help them advance in their career. Is the position design-focused? Or maybe your volunteer will gain some coding experience in the process. Be sure to outline skills learned in your volunteer position description. That way, the right people will apply and the whole experience will be better for everyone.

Be Unique

What is the one thing your volunteer program encompasses that is unique? If there is no such thing, then come up with one. That way, volunteers will be able to both have fun and adapt to their new environment faster, which is an essential skill for their career advancement. Furthermore, they’ll be able to get creative themselves.

List Jobs

Make a list of jobs that your volunteering program might lead to. If people are interested in a particular career path and think they need relevant experience for it, this list is the perfect way to narrow down their decision on which program to best aligns with their interest.

Volunteering Kick-Starts Careers

There is a paradox that many young people encounter when looking for a job — they are fresh out of college and are required to have at least a few years of experience under their belt in order to apply. This can easily be resolved by providing them with a good reason to volunteer.

To sum up, every volunteering program is considered successful if people manage to use the skills that they had learned in other activities. Therefore, apart from having a good program, you need to also have a good presentation of your program and explain how you could help people who choose to volunteer for you.

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