How the VolunteerMatch Support Team Keeps You Moving

Have a VolunteerMatch Question? Meet the Team that Has the Answers

The VolunteerMatch Support Team
Adam, Abby, and Irina: The VolunteerMatch Support Team

They have navigated their way through thousands of customer service inquiries. Now, they’re working on making VolunteerMatch support better, easier, and more intuitive than ever.

In this Q&A, meet the all-star VolunteerMatch support team, and see what they’re up to next.

  1. What does your team do at VolunteerMatch?

When our customers find themselves lost on or their own branded site, we provide them with high-quality support so they can get back to posting or finding engaging volunteer opportunities in no time.

We also act as intermediaries between customers and the rest of the organization — when a customer addresses a pain point, for example, we relay that feedback to the product team who evaluate, then make updates and improvements to our site.

  1. Describe a typical day at work.

A typical day at work involves answering dozens of customer inquiries and support tickets. We also report issues, or “bugs” to our product/engineering teams, and investigate possible solutions and features to include in our site updates.

During company-wide meetings, we keep all departments at VolunteerMatch informed by representing our customer’s voice. When it comes to delivering a unique customer support experience, we think it’s important to be helpful and supportive, while having a bit of fun — it’s not uncommon for the team to hash out an idea for a site enhancement over a game of foosball.

  1. Speaking of fun, here’s a fun question: If you were a VolunteerMatch Premium feature, which feature would you be?

Our reposting privileges tool.

Volunteers are hungry for new opportunities, and without support from nonprofits, those opportunities just wouldn’t exist. Our reposting privileges tool gives nonprofits higher visibility postings with just one click!

Learn more about VolunteerMatch Premium to get started today.

  1. What are some of the biggest projects your team is working on right now?

We know you want your question(s) addressed ASAP, so we set out and did some research on how we could deliver on that expectation. We found that great customer service incorporates helpful articles into a system where customers can readily find answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

That’s why we’re structuring our Community Help Center to act as our first line of support, ensuring you find answers faster and easier than ever before. By finding a quick and effective solution to your question, you’ll have a much better experience on our site and move on to posting or finding opportunities in no time.

We’re also working on cleaning up inactive listings on These two projects are a direct result of listening to our customer’s concerns and incorporating timely feedback.

  1. What should our customer’s expect when they contact support?

Here at VolunteerMatch, customer service is essential to our operating philosophy. We’re eager to hear from our customers, and help them resolve their issue(s).

That’s why we implemented a new and improved ticket form, so we can gather the right information the first time around. When follow-up is needed, we like to think of ourselves as thoughtful, yet inquisitive — asking enough questions to ensure we’re providing you with the best solution.

While we strive for same-day service — you can rest assured knowing that all inquiries are addressed within 24 to 48 business hours of us receiving them.

  1. What is one piece of advice that you would give to customers before they call you?

While we do our best to respond quickly, our Community Help Center is an invaluable resource where you can find nearly instant answers to FAQ and helpful tips. We encourage customers to check our knowledgebase help center first, as you may find an answer to your question without having to go through the support or ticketing process.

  1. How/when can I reach support?

As always, our support team is just a few clicks away.

Reach us by filing a ticket through the Community Help Center 24/7, and please remember to allow for 24-48 business hours to receive a response.

  1. What are some questions you get asked the most?

What’s my password?
How long will it take for my organization to be approved?

Want to learn more about how our support team and VolunteerMatch help nonprofits recruit the right volunteers? Check out our Community Help Center!

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