Volunteer Engagement Food for Thought: A Culture of Appreciation

Volunteer Engagement RoundupAt VolunteerMatch, we learn so much from other experts in the fields of volunteer engagement and nonprofit management, and we want to help you stay up to date on the latest news and trends. Here’s some food for thought help you kick off your April. 

5 Hacks to Create a Culture of Volunteer Appreciation (Large Programs, Listen Up!)
From Twenty Hats:
This post asks the question: “How do you maintain a heart-centered culture of appreciation when the volunteers are no longer under your direct control?” To answer it, writer Elisa Kosarin spoke with the volunteer coordinator for a program with over 7,000 volunteers!

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3 Common Screening Practices That Might Be Barriers To Finding Great Volunteers
From Volunteer Toronto:
No, this article isn’t advocating for a leniency in volunteer screening. But it does advocate for flexibility, and a shift away from the, “But that’s the way we do it here!” mentality.

Volunteer Toronto also recently published this infographic showing that the way we thank volunteers and the way they want to be thanked aren’t lining up…

From Passion to Professionalism: How to Move Your Volunteer Program from One to the Other
From Charity Village:
In order to excel at managing your volunteer program, you need to know where your natural strengths align with your job responsibilities, according to this post. To help, the author spells out a long list of volunteer management job responsibilities, from marketer to mediator and everything in between.

Incorporate the Power of Live Web Calls into Volunteer Management
From Energize, Inc.:
Are volunteer managers using the enormous range of simple, and free, technology solutions available to them? In this post, Susan J. Ellis discusses how video calls can unlock potential in your volunteer program; potential that has not been available at any other point in history.

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