State of the Industry: Volunteer Management Progress Report [Webinar Recording]

What’s the current state of volunteer management?

On February 24, 2016, VolunteerMatch joined up with Tobi Johnson, President of Tobi Johnson & Associates and the Chief Engagement Officer (CEO) of VolunteerPro and Trina Willard, Principal of Knowledge Advisory Group for a free webinar to answer the question: What’s the current state of volunteer management? How? By reviewing the findings from the 2016 Volunteer Management Progress Report.

This report, the result of a survey conducted by VolunteerPro, paints a more complete picture of today’s volunteer management professionals than has previously existed. It looks at demographics, salaries, job satisfaction, and more.

If you missed the webinar, don’t worry. Watch the recorded video below to gain insights into the report and the current state of volunteer management. Don’t have time to sit through the video? You can browse the webinar slides, or download the report itself. And check back to this blog in the coming weeks as we examine the 2016 Volunteer Management Report even further.

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