Food for Thought: Does Screening Volunteers Save Money?

At VolunteerMatch, we learn so much from other experts in the fields of volunteer engagement and nonprofit management, and we want to help you stay up to date on the latest news and trends. Here’s some food for thought help you kick off the upcoming month. 

Volunteers Donor Blog Pic5 Ways Screening Volunteers Saves Money
From JFFixler Group:
Does volunteer screening actually save you money in the long run? The answer is yes, according to this post, which also includes some interesting stats around volunteer screening practices.

Pro Bono Volunteer Programs: A Valuable Resource to Tap Into
From Nonprofit Information:
We see it all the time. Technology companies offer free or discounted products to nonprofits, but nonprofits end up using them haphazardly, or even not at all, because they don’t have the resources to set it up properly. This is where pro bono volunteers come in. Here’s how to think through the pro bono process.

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2016 Volunteer Management Progress Report
From VolunteerPro:
How does your volunteer engagement role compare with others in the field? The Volunteer Management Progress Report is filled with both expected and surprising stats on the current state of volunteer management, including demographics, salary, top challenges, and more.

The Two Forks and Timing
From Volunteer Plain Talk:
Volunteer training is an opportunity to create bonds with your volunteers right from the start. But how? According to Meridian Swift, it’s a formula involving fun, the right timing, and… forks?

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