Volunteer Engagement Food for Thought: Be Strategic

At VolunteerMatch we learn so much from other experts in the fields of volunteer engagement and nonprofit management, and we want to help you stay up to date on the latest news and trends. Here’s some food for thought to launch your New Year. 

Volunteer Engagement RoundupLeading Volunteers: A Model That May Make a Difference
From Tobi Johnson:
Good leadership goes a long way. Step up your game in 2016 by following this proven method for leadership excellence – and understanding how it relates to leading volunteers.

7 Ways to Say No Without Actually Saying It
From Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog:
Does it seem like your coworkers keep putting more and more tasks on your plate – many of them not directly related to your job? Take a lesson from Kivi on how to politely decline those unnecessary time sucks and stay #CALMnotBUSY in 2016.

Want the Ultimate Endorsement of Your Volunteer Program? Find Yourself a Place at the Table
From Twenty Hats:
Does your organization have a strategic planning session coming up? You don’t have to be part of upper management to get your volunteer program the spot it deserves in this process. Here’s how.

The Domino Effect of Setting Goals for Volunteer Involvement
From Susan J. Ellis:
What happens when you don’t have clear strategic goals for your volunteer program? Not asking the right questions could bring your whole program down in a domino effect. But the right questions? Well, that’s your dominoes falling perfectly-timed and gracefully in a work of art.

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