Volunteer Opportunities are Now Just a Text Away!

Volunteering is now just a text away, thanks to Twilio!At VolunteerMatch, our mission is to make it easy for good people and good causes to connect.

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve teamed up with cloud communications platform Twilio to advance that mission even further this holiday season.

Using VolunteerMatch’s API, Twilio has built a feature that allows people interested in volunteering to receive local volunteer opportunities straight to their phones via text message.

Give it a try!

Simply text your zip code to (314) 282-8630, and you’ll instantly receive a text back with volunteer opportunities in your area. You can also include keywords based on your volunteering interests, such as “Holiday”, “Cats”, or “Hunger”.

twilio screenshot

Nonprofits, this means it’s easier than ever for prospective volunteers to find and respond to your VolunteerMatch listings. And volunteers, it’s easier than ever to give back to your community in a way that’s meaningful to you.

A huge thank you to Twilio for making this possible and spreading the holiday spirit of giving. To read more about this project, specifically the technology behind it, check out Twilio’s blog.