The Top Engaging Volunteers Posts from the Past Five Years

Time for a little reflection
Time for a little reflection.

At VolunteerMatch, we’ve been talking about volunteer engagement for quite some time. This particular blog, Engaging Volunteers, dates back to 2009. As we passed the 5 year milestone, we started thinking. What topics were people most interested in throughout the years? Which blog posts did people read the most? Since volunteer engagement has changed so much over the past five years, would these popular articles still be relevant today?

For the most part, the answer is yes. While some of the specifics may be outdated, the underlying messages – the reasons these posts were so widely received – are not. Without further ado, a countdown to the most popular posts on this blog over the last 5 years!

Ten Great Movies About Volunteering and Giving Back
Who doesn’t love a good movie? This post looks back at decades of films that tie volunteerism and community involvement into their plots and themes.

5 Surprisingly Easy Ways to Lose Volunteers
A cautionary tale that shows just how easy – and how preventable – volunteer turnover can be.

10 Tips For Keeping Your Volunteers Motivated and Happy
A happy volunteer equals a productive volunteer. Happy volunteers are also likely to stay around longer and donate more to your organization. So, what can you do to keep your volunteers happy?

[INFOGRAPHIC] 2011 VolunteerMatch Annual Report
Raise your hand if you like 10+ page, wordy annual reports? Didn’t think so. We’ve never been fans of the traditional annual report format, but in 2011, we turned to the power of the infographic (and have been ever since).

A Volunteer Communications Strategy: 13 Steps to Driving Recruitment, Engagement and Leadership
A real-life case study about overcoming volunteer engagement challenges, written by nonprofit communications expert Nancy Schwartz, and packed with practical advice. Of course this post made the list.

Here’s What You Can Do to Help with Hurricane Sandy
When disaster strikes, it’s human nature to want to help. While this post is specific to 2012’s Hurricane Sandy, it also includes some timeless advice for you and your nonprofit regarding disaster relief.

And the number one most popular post over the past 5 years?

7 Ways to Appreciate Your Volunteers
No surprise here. Advice for volunteer appreciation is one of the most frequent requests we get at VolunteerMatch. Why? It’s something that can make or break your program, but because there’s no one-size-fits-all strategy, it’s hard to master.

Keep an eye out in the next few weeks as we count down the 15 most popular posts of 2015!

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