No More Waiting; Start Finding Volunteers Right Away

waiting-410328_1920Since VolunteerMatch started back in 1998, we’ve been inviting eligible organizations seeking volunteers to post volunteer opportunities for free.

Fast forward 17 years, and over 100,000 organizations have used our site to find the volunteers they need. AND we’ve recently facilitated 10 million connections between these nonprofits and potential volunteers.

In other words, we’ve grown to be the organization we are today because of our network of nonprofits. And we’re always working behind the scenes to improve the VolunteerMatch experience for these organizations.

The most recent improvements? We’ve rolled out updates to our registration process to make it easier than ever for new eligible organizations to come on board, join the VolunteerMatch network, and start finding volunteers quickly.

1st Registration ScreenHow? We’ve automated the approval process for 501(c)3 nonprofits registered with the IRS. These organizations can skip the wait and immediately start posting volunteer opportunities and linking to their donation pages.

Registration Screen 2

We’ve also completely changed the look and feel to make the registration process smoother and more intuitive. And not to mention a lot prettier – see the screenshot to the right!

A new search algorithm lets you easily see if someone you never met that worked for your organization 12 years ago had already set up a VolunteerMatch account, saving you from registering your organization all over again.

Finally, we’ve consolidated steps, such as adding a photo and your social media URLs right when you sign up.

Basically, if your organization isn’t registered on VolunteerMatch yet, it’s the perfect time! Sign up today.

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