October Food for Thought: What Are the Experts Saying?

At VolunteerMatch we learn so much from other experts in the fields of volunteer engagement and nonprofit management, and we want to help you stay up to date on the latest news and trends. Here’s some food for thought to get your October going.

Food for ThoughtHow Nonprofits Can Increase Engagement Through Gamification
From Huffington Post:
No, you don’t have to take your serious issue and turn it into fun and games. But you can use these tactics to make volunteers more engaged with your organization and mission.

Three Essentials for Getting the Buy-In You Want From Your Coworkers
From Twenty Hats:
Lack of internal support. It’s a problem many of us know all too well. But you’re not powerless if you equip yourself with these three things.

A Pro Bono Service Toolkit for Nonprofits, Business Professionals and Companies
From Taproot Foundation and #GivingTuesday:
As we recently wrote about, #GivingTuesday isn’t just about giving money, it’s also about giving time. Use this toolkit to integrate pro bono volunteering into your nonprofit’s #GivingTuesday plan.

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures
From Susan J. Ellis
With all the powerful ways in this article to use candid pictures and video to improve your volunteer program, Susan should have thrown a few more “pictures” onto the end of this article’s title. From recruitment to recognition and everything in between, your phone’s camera needs to become active ASAP.

And finally a dose humor from Volunteer Management Snark.
When someone says their “volunteer database” is an Excel spreadsheet:Volunteer Management Snark

*No offense if you ARE using Excel spreadsheets, but you might be interested our recent post 4 Steps to Finding Your Volunteer Software Match.*

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