Volunteering in the Connected Age with Greg Baldwin, President of VolunteerMatch

UB_VM_300“We see that communities are struggling to stay connected. One of the symptoms of that is that volunteering is at an 10-year low. The common narrative is that people don’t care enough anymore. We think the exact opposite is true.

“We think people really care more than ever, but are struggling to find opportunities that are resonating with them to get involved in their community around causes that they really care about.”

– Greg Baldwin, President, VolunteerMatch

So what’s the solution to this? In the below video, VolunteerMatch President Greg Baldwin talks about what he calls the “engagement gap” in volunteering. There are barriers that keep good people, good causes, and good companies from connecting. Let’s eliminate these barriers together.

In the San Francisco Bay Area? Come hear even more on this topic. Greg will be speaking as part of Umpqua Bank’s ongoing Catalyst Series at their downtown San Francisco store on Thursday, October 15, 2015. He’ll lead a conversation about the future of volunteerism and corporate citizenship. Learn more and reserve your spot.