Volunteer Spotlight: Becky of JourneyCare

Becky Lininger, JourneyCare volunteer
Becky Lininger, JourneyCare volunteer

Due to shifting life events, Becky recently found herself with time on her hands. What did she do? Turned to Google, of course! This led her to VolunteerMatch, which in turn led her to JourneyCare, a hospice and palliative care facility.

Becky can’t pinpoint exactly why she chose JourneyCare out of all the other options on VolunteerMatch.  “I’ve lost three of my immediate family members now,” says Becky. “My sister passed away from cancer about three years ago. Maybe that played in, I don’t know. But when I discovered just what JourneyCare was all about, I was immediately drawn to them.”

In her short amount of time with JourneyCare, Becky has already worked on several administrative projects, and has visited home-bound patients.

“Other than raising my children, I don’t think I’ve ever done anything quite so meaningful!” says Becky.

Read the rest of Becky’s story, including her experience with one particularly memorable JourneyCare client.

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