Sharpen Your Skills this Summer with VolunteerMatch’s Free Webinars

Learn new volunteer skills this summer“What are you doing for your summer vacation?”

Because VolunteerMatch participates in the Cristo Rey program, we have high school students in our office a couple of days a week. On her last day, our sophomore asked me what I was doing for my summer vacation.

For many 16-year-olds, summer means free time and possibilities. While not the same as going to sleep-away camp, what about taking a little in-office training vacation?

I have some great topics coming up this month in VolunteerMatch’s Learning Center. The focus for June is how to plan for the future and evolve your program to work with the volunteer of tomorrow.

The month starts with Engaging the Volunteer of the Future on June 9th. I’ll share some of the things we know about volunteers based on first-hand experience, and how to evolve your program to engage today’s, and tomorrow’s, volunteers.

Have you thought about how well your program is working now, and what your program should look like in 5 years? I’ll be covering both of those topics – starting with Measuring Success on June 11th, and following up with Developing a Strategic Plan on June 16th.

Measuring Success covers evaluating the impact and outcomes of your volunteer engagement program, and the satisfaction of your volunteers. This topic will give you some good ideas on what kind of information you can share on how volunteers make an impact on your organization.

Developing a Strategic Plan for your volunteer engagement program is a hot topic in the space right now, and for good reason. As our population demographics change (millennials now make up the largest percentage of the work force), we need to evolve our volunteer engagement strategies as well. This webinar will help you start these conversations and pull together the right stakeholders (including volunteers) to create a plan for the next 5 years.

I’ll end the month with one of our Core Component topics by digging into Volunteer Handbooks on June 18th. This session includes samples and ideas for keeping your policies and procedures relevant for the volunteer program you have now. I’ll also cover how to build buy-in from paid staff and volunteers for these policies so you don’t have to be the only sheriff in town!

Even if you can’t get away for the summer, I encourage you to take a short break to learn something new!

You can find the complete list of all of our webinars here. I hope you’ll join me at one of these always free online trainings in 2015! And, stay tuned for new dates and topics coming soon.

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