Help Your Volunteers Gain Skills They Can Use

Guest post by Amy Cowen

Help Your Volunteers Gain SkillsAccording to LinkedIn, 41% of hiring managers say volunteer work is just as valuable as paid work on a CV.

Therefore, as an organization that engages volunteers, it’s important to make sure the skills they gain through your organization are meaningful.

Many volunteers are young adults or students who are specifically looking to gain work experience while in school. Even if your volunteers are not currently furthering their education, they may still want to list their volunteer work on their CV.

So, what skills can you teach your volunteers that will help them on their career paths?

Note: It’s important to ask your volunteers what they hope to get out of their volunteer experience. These suggestions are not one size fits all!

  • Leadership and Management Skills

People learn leadership and management skills both by doing and observing. Every organization operates under some type of management structure, and your volunteers can gain experience by working within this structure. One idea is asking them if they would like to manage a team of other volunteers. The ability to lead a group, and lead by example is invaluable to future employers.

  • Time Management Skills

Whatever your volunteers have going on outside of their volunteer work, they will have to negotiate their daily schedules to fit volunteering in. Volunteers that arrive late or frequently cancel volunteer commitments might be the ones in need of extra time management mentoring. Time management is a skill that all employers look for.

  • Social Skills

Through volunteering for your organization, individuals can improve their teamwork, networking, and communication skills. Many volunteer positions inherently need a level of communication between the organization and the community or sponsors. You can also create these opportunities by inviting volunteers to organizational meetings and events.

  • Business Skills

Business skills can include simple aspects of clerical or front office duties. However, they can go as far as bookkeeping, accounting, supplying, and more. Any business skills you can impart into your volunteers will go a long way on their CV.

By helping your volunteers learn new skills, you will certainly improve upon their CV. However, the added benefit is that possessing these skills will ensure that they are also as effective as possible for your own organization. Therefore, imparting your wisdom to your volunteers will benefit everyone involved.

Amy Cowen is a passionate writer who often provides career advice for students, volunteers and job seekers. She writes for Aussiewriter and hopes to run her own team of writers someday.