How Do You Keep Your Organization Safe?

How does your organization screen potential volunteersWhen your organization engages potential volunteers, how do you screen them? How do you ensure that, not only are they the people you really need, but that your nonprofit’s information, reputation and clients will be protected? Furthermore, how do you determine what to include in volunteer screenings, and measure the effectiveness of them?

These are not easy questions to answer, especially since we’ve noticed that each organization tends to have its own set of standards and policies for screening volunteers. And wouldn’t it be so much easier if we shared our knowledge and experience with each other?

Of course it would. Enter VolunteerMatch.

We’ve partnered with a national identity service provider to gather information about how nonprofits currently screen volunteers and validate their information. We think the survey results will help us all engage the right volunteers for our organizations. Because even though not every screening process or step will be right for every nonprofit, finding trends and best practices can help steer us in the right direction.

All you need to do is fill out an easy 10-minute survey, and share it with colleagues and friends. We’ll release our findings in early 2015.

Take the survey, and help us create a more secure, volunteer-filled world for everyone.

Take the survey now.
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