How Do Nonprofits Measure Volunteer Impact?

Take a quick survey about how your organization measures volunteer impact.We want to find out.

So we’re launching a survey with Software Advice, a company that researches and reviews volunteer management software in order to help people find the right systems for their organizations, to learn from you and other nonprofits how you determine the effect volunteer work has on your mission.

We want to know how you collect and measure volunteer impact, and also how you use this data to guide program improvements. So we’ve created the first ever Volunteer Impact Measurement Survey, which you can take right now by clicking here.

The goal of the survey is to identify which metrics produce the best insights into volunteer impact, as well as best practices for collecting this data and applying the findings.

In addition to providing volunteer coordinators with a benchmark for comparing your practices to that of your peers, the survey results will answer several key questions:

  1. What percentage of nonprofits currently measure the impact of their volunteers’ work?
  2. What metrics and indicators are most effective for measuring volunteer impact?
  3. What methods are most effective for collecting volunteer impact data?
  4. How do nonprofit leaders use this data to guide program improvements?
  5. What technology do nonprofits use to collect volunteer impact data?

Please contribute to this important research by taking the quick survey right now! Then stay tuned to updates from Engaging Volunteers to see the results when we publish them.