The Obvious Reason Volunteering is at a 10-Year Low

Editor’s Note: There’s been a lot of hoopla lately about a recent report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics showing the volunteer rate in the U.S. to be lower than it’s been in a decade. With our 16-year relationship with the nonprofit, corporate and volunteering sectors, VolunteerMatch is in a unique position to clearly view what’s really going on. To help everyone understand this phenomenon better, VolunteerMatch president Greg Baldwin published this post on LinkedIn.

The Obvious Reason Volunteering is at a 10-Year Low

It is National Volunteer Week, a time to celebrate the irrepressible spirit of goodwill, generosity and hustle that is as much a part of American culture as the 4th of July, Mount Rushmore and our aversion to the metric system.

It is a time to be reminded that America is the place where we celebrate our freedom to come together to get things done, to fight injustice and to invest in our future. It is also a good time to point out that in 2013 volunteering hit a 10-year low, and try to explain how it is that so few people seem to understand why.

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