Social Media for Nonprofits: It Just Makes Sense

Join your peers for a day focused on how to best use social media for your nonprofit organization.As winter winds down (hopefully) and the polar vortex fades away (hopefully), it’s almost time for the start of another season of the Social Media for Nonprofits conference series.

Each year we make a big deal out of these events, and there’s a good reason: They just make sense. One day dedicated to helping you learn practical, real-life strategies for making social media work for your organization, located conveniently in your own community. These conferences are designed to help you leverage social media for your volunteering program, fundraising and general outreach.

VolunteerMatch is a global partner of the Social Media for Nonprofits series – because we think this is the premier conference series dedicated to social media for social good. Each event features an impressive lineup of local and national experts and practitioners that present best practices for you to use social media in your work. Not to mention all the great networking!

Discounts for VolunteerMatch Members

Attend Social Media for Nonprofits in your area to hear from an impressive lineup of speakers.As part of our partnership, we’re offering special discounts to VolunteerMatch members for Social Media for Nonprofits conferences. Just use the code “VMatch” when registering.

(Note: this discount is for the middle and high-level registration – it unfortunately does not apply to the lowest price level.)

Bay Area Boot Camps are Back

At Nonprofit Boot Camp meet experts on multiple aspects of nonprofit operations, development and leadership.For the second year, the Social Media for Nonprofits team is adding a second day to its events in the San Francisco Bay Area, for Nonprofit Boot Camp. Boot Camp is a highly practical conference designed to connect nonprofit leaders to the resources, best practices and contacts needed to create a better world.

In other words, get ready to meet a lot of inspiring people and learn a lot of practical things. If you’re within driving distance of San Francisco and/or Silicon Valley, we highly recommend attending.

So check out upcoming dates and locations for the Social Media for Nonprofits series, and don’t forget to use your discount code when registering!

Upcoming Dates

New York City
March 17
New York, NY

April 10
Chicago, IL

May 19
Cambridge, MA

Silicon Valley
June 10-11
Mountain View, CA

Washington, D.C.
July 14
Washington, D.C.

August 13
Austin, TX

San Francisco
October 2-3
San Francisco, CA

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