Where We Hope to Find You at the 2014 Nonprofit Technology Conference

Here are some great places and events at the 2014 Nonprofit Technology Conference - will VolunteerMatch see you there?This year’s Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) hosted by NTEN is approaching – and I don’t know about you, but the VolunteerMatch team is fervently hoping Washington, D.C. will get it together and get rid of that snow before the event kicks off on March 13.

That’s not all that’s on our wish list for this year’s NTC, though. Here are some of the places and spaces we hope to see you this year during the conference. Can’t be there in person? Don’t worry – there are some virtual opportunities on our list, too…

Day of Service

The #14NTC Day of Service on Wednesday, March 12, is our chance to give back to the NTC’s host community of Washington, D.C. This year VolunteerMatch is sponsoring (how appropriate!) to help everyone find a volunteer opportunity that fits with your interests and time. You can join a volunteer group, or recruit a group of your own for a rewarding day of giving back.

If your nonprofit is based in D.C. and you’re interested in hosting NTC volunteers for the day, check out this page for instructions to suggest a project.

See Shari Talk in Public

VolunteerMatch’s Director of Engagement, Shari Ilsen, will be speaking at a session about designing and measuring engagement in a strategic, mission-driven way. Join Shari and expert nonprofit consultant Lauren Girardin for “You CAN capture lightening in a bottle: Motivating and measuring engagement.” For a practical, fun session that every nonprofit communications person will find valuable.

Also, be sure to see Lauren again as she speaks at “Digital Marketing That Gets Results: 30 Ideas You Can Use Monday Morning” for a thorough look at the latest strategies for ramping up digital marketing at your organization.

Some Volunteering-Related Sessions

“Handing over the keys: empowering and supporting volunteer leaders”

This session is for people with big ambitions for their volunteer programs. It will show you how to empower volunteers to take on leadership roles, and the challenges, rewards and systems that make it possible.

“The Power of Technology and the Millennial Generation”

Join new generation experts, including some of our friends from Network for Good, as they explore big ideas around how to leverage, engage, and collaborate with the Millennial Generation (13-35). Talk through big ideas around volunteer engagement, strategic fundraising practices with a new generation, and technology to build your own youth/millennial network.

“What’s Your Board’s IT IQ? Does it Matter?”

With only 1% of board members having any technology background, IT is rarely discussed at board meetings. Yet, these are the very stakeholders who have influence on whether or not technology is viewed as a strategic advantage or simply operational overhead. This talk provides tips and ideas for increasing your board’s IT IQ in order to view technology as a strategic tool to enhance your organization’s capacity. (This is a great tie-in with our upcoming webinar on “Building a Future-Friendly Nonprofit Board!”)

Pick Up Some Swag

We’ll also be manning a booth at this year’s Science Fair – so stop by Booth #617 to say hi and score some of the awesome VolunteerMatch swag we’ll have with us. (No, I won’t tell you what it is, but we’ll ALSO have candy…)

Connect Online

Can’t make it to NTC in person this year? No worries! NTEN has an Online NTC that is lower cost and commitment. This is a great way to catch the highlights of the conference from anywhere.

If you’re on Twitter, be sure to follow #14NTC to join in the conversation – you certainly don’t have to be at the conference to tweet with attendees. Connect with the VolunteerMatch folks @silsen, @lauren_lynn2 and @heyshannondavid.

Are you going to the Nonprofit Technology Conference this year? Share your must-do’s with us below!