What’s Your Organization’s Critical Mass? The Simple Genius of Good Deeds Day

Increase visibility and support by posting on VolunteerMatch.org and recruiting volunteers who want to get involved on Good Deeds Day.Here’s something you might not realize: When you post your nonprofit’s volunteer needs on VolunteerMatch.org, they’re not just seen by the people who type www.volunteermatch.org into their browsers.

Your opportunities are also seen by 3.5 million employees who volunteer through companies that work with VolunteerMatch Solutions. Your volunteer opportunities are also found via our partner websites – and this gets your organization added exposure to millions more people.

For example, on March 9, 2014 the world will celebrate Good Deeds Day. This is quite simply an annual celebration of good deeds – and a way to inspire and incite action to create even more impact. You can watch this video to get an idea of how big this movement has become:


This idea is so simple, yet so inspirational. And that’s why it’s so successful. Focusing on thinking, speaking, and doing good is something everyone can do in some way. Good Deeds Day founder Shari Arison believes that if we mobilize enough people to act, we can reach a critical mass, and change the world.

So what is your organization’s critical mass? What support do you need in order to make a real difference for your community and fulfill your mission?

Good Deeds Day is helping its millions of participants to get involved using VolunteerMatch’s network. You can harness the energy created on Good Deeds Day by making sure your volunteer opportunities are posted and updated on VolunteerMatch.org. And get your existing community of supporters excited to join in on March 9 to change the world.

What’s your critical mass? Make the most of Good Deeds Day by posting and updating your volunteer opportunities on VolunteerMatch.org.

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