Social Media Strategy: The Tool That Has Helped Us Move Onwards and Upwards

Just like many other nonprofits these days, VolunteerMatch relies on social media to expand our reach, increase engagement, and most importantly, to provide value for our community.

Also like many other nonprofits these days, we face challenges when it comes to things like staff time and capacity, measurement and tracking, and pricing. This made finding the right social media management tool critical – and once we did, it was like the clouds suddenly blew away and our social media days have been sunny ever since (well, as sunny as San Francisco gets).

Check out this case study about VolunteerMatch's use of Sprout Social to manage social media.

Sprout Social fulfills our needs in several different ways: It helps us be more efficient with monitoring, publishing and tracking, it enables multiple departments and staff members to easily get involved with social media engagement, and it’s got a very nonprofit-friendly cost structure.

Check out this case study we just did with Sprout Social that details how we’ve used the tool to improve our social media practices – and learn from it. Think about what your organization’s big challenges are when it comes to social media, and find a tool that helps you overcome them. As we learned, the right fit is out there.

Take a look at the VolunteerMatch/Sprout Social case study, and feel free to ask us any questions!