Expert Snapshots for February

Expert SnapshotsAt VolunteerMatch we learn so much from other experts in the field of volunteer engagement and management, and we want to help you stay up to date on the latest news and trends. Check back every month for snapshots of what experts in the field are talking about.

World’s Best Intern: Advice from Nonprofits to Interns

Beth Kanter reflects on the challenges and opportunities of being an intern, as well as providing advice from some of her nonprofit colleagues who have managed interns in all areas (including yours truly!) Read the post to learn some great lessons for not only interns, but also those training and supervising them.

Web 3.0 Means Mobile Volunteering

Volunteer engagement guru and self-proclaimed social media geek Nicolette Winner points out the rapid pace of technological change, and how it’s causing us all to adapt to new lifestyles (how did we live without smartphones??) Now nonprofits must adapt, as well, and tailor our volunteer engagement strategies to the new “Web 3.0” world.

It’s Time to Discuss the Complex Relationship of Volunteering and Money

For her “Hot Topics” column, Susan Ellis of Energize, Inc. highlights the mistaken belief that volunteering and money are always separate – in fact they are inextricably linked. Not only does volunteer engagement cost the organization, but there are costs incurred by volunteers themselves, as well. Susan delineates what those costs might be for specific types of volunteers, and how organizations can account for them in our engagement strategies.

First Do No Harm

In this post on her inspiring and intelligent blog “Volunteer Plain Talk,” Meridian Swift tells the story of a volunteer coordinator who had to make a tough decision while screening a potential volunteer – because after all, the community and clients of the organization have to come first…

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