Fighting Hunger Together, We Really Made a Difference

Together, VolunteerMatch and the Walmart Foundation created millions of dollars in social value to help more Americans get the nutrition they need and fight hunger.The problem of hunger often seems insurmountable. 1 in 6 people in the U.S. are going hungry, according to Feeding America. Given today’s economic climate, and all of the other issues we face, it can seem like a herculean task to make a dent in the hunger that plagues our country’s most vulnerable.

Together, however, we have done it. Recently VolunteerMatch completed a two-year partnership with the Walmart Foundation’s Fighting Hunger Together Initiative, to support the work of nonprofits that are fighting hunger. Our goals for the campaign were:

  • To provide hunger-relief organizations the resources they need to deploy, manage and expand an effective volunteer program;
  • To make it easier to support, provide training, and share best practices among volunteer managers; and
  • To increase visibility within the community of the need for volunteers at hunger-related organizations.

We are very proud of the work we did, supported by the Walmart Foundation, to accomplish these goals. So we created an infographic to tell everyone about it. Here are some highlights before you dive in:

  • We facilitated 112,000 connections between hunger-related nonprofits and eager volunteers.
  • We trained more than 3,000 volunteer coordinators so that they can more effectively recruit the volunteers they need.
  • We created over $171 million in social value that is helping more Americans get the nutrition they need.

Take a look at the infographic, and share with friends and colleagues. Together, we can continue to make a big difference for causes like hunger!

Click here to view the infographic showing the impact made during VolunteerMatch's partnership with the Walmart Foundation's Fighting Hunger Together initiative.