How Skilled Volunteers Can Make a Difference for You in 2014

How skilled volunteers can make a difference for you in 2014.
A United Saints volunteer helps rebuild homes in New Orleans.

Here at VolunteerMatch, we like talking about skilled volunteering. By creating the best match possible between a volunteer’s passions and skills with a nonprofit’s needs, there is a great chance to form a lasting connection and real community impact.

Whether your organization is already engaging skilled volunteers or not, the New Year is a great time to think strategically about how recruiting people with specific skill sets can help you reach your goals in 2014. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Plan More Events

Planning events can be time-consuming and stress-increasing. But there are individuals out there who thrive on this type of work, and who are very good at it. Why not engage some skilled volunteers to help you plan stellar events next year? With more help, and people who really know what they’re doing, your events will be better and there’ll be more of them.

Make Things Prettier

By “things” I mean both your organization’s physical and digital presence. You can recruit a volunteer with a green thumb and a flair for decorating to spruce up your office. You can also engage a graphic designer to overhaul your logo, website, or cook up some dynamite ads for the New Year.

Diversify Your Funding

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Fundraising can be a great way to engage volunteers AND improve your organization’s financial situation. If you’re looking to build more relationships with foundations, find a volunteer grant writer. Or, dip your toes into the exciting world of crowdfunding by engaging volunteers to do some social fundraising online.

Get Serious About Social Media

Chances are you’ll never know more about social media than a volunteer you could recruit to run your social media for you. Millennials, especially, are itching to put their digital native skills to good use for causes they care about.

Step Up Volunteer Engagement

Volunteer engagement and management is at least one full-time job all on its own. So why not recruit some skilled volunteers to help you engage volunteers and develop out your program?

How are you planning on engaging skilled volunteers next year to make a difference for your organization? Don’t wait – post your opportunities to VolunteerMatch now!