How to Use the Holiday Season to Re-Inspire Your Board Members

Are your board members more like "bored" members?
Are your board members more like “bored” members?

Your board members are  your ultimate volunteers – they bring their skills, their time, their network, and very often their money to a long-term commitment to be responsible for your organization.

Sometimes, though, “board” members can turn into “bored” members.

The holidays provide a great opportunity to remind your board members why what you do is so special and exciting.


Here are some ideas for making sure you make the most of the holidays to renew your relationship with your board:

  • Invite them personally to your holiday party.
  • Send them a thank you gift for their commitment.
  • Ask them to join in a volunteer event.
  • Give them an update on the impact the organization made in 2013.
  • Include them in planning meetings for 2014 (and not just the budget-related ones!)
  • Ask them to do some holiday fundraising among their friends.
  • Write a profile of them on the organization’s blog as a special holiday feature.
  • Include them in the staff photo.

What ideas do you have for how to re-inspire board members during the holiday season?