5 Fun Gift Ideas Your Volunteers Will Love

5 fun gift ideas your volunteers will loveThere are plenty of reasons to give your volunteers a gift: the holidays, National Volunteer Week, to say “thanks,” just to see them smile…  Which means you need plenty of ideas for these gifts that fit within your organization’s budget (or lack thereof).

Here are some fun gift ideas that are fairly inexpensive that we guarantee your volunteers will love – no matter why you’re giving it.

1. Throw Them a (Holiday) Party

They work hard together – give them a chance to have some fun together. If your organization is already having a party during the holidays, invite your volunteers to join in! If not, schedule a get-together that doesn’t revolve around getting work done.

2. Personalized Ornaments

Whether they will hang from a Christmas tree or liven up a Hanukkah menorah, get your fellow staff members to help you with a simple craft project. Printing out pictures of the volunteers to include is also a nice touch!

3. Give Them Something to Share with Friends and Family

They are an important part of your organization’s family – help them spend time with their own by giving them a gift to share. Some great ideas include a popcorn kit, some movie passes, board games or a big puzzle.

4. The Gift of Relaxation

Find a local massage therapist in your neighborhood and hire them (or engage them for some pro bono volunteering!) to come in during a volunteer event to give 15 minute massages to your volunteers. This is definitely something they can’t do for themselves!

5. This Awesome “Things We Love About Volunteers” Calendar

Thanks to Energize, Inc. for leading us to this delightful 2014 calendar created especially for volunteers. This is also a great present to get yourself to hang up in the office…

What other fun gift ideas do you have for volunteers?