Jump into the Melting Pot That is VolunteerMatch on Twitter to Answer Your Burning Volunteering Questions

Twitter is a great platform for those in and out of the VolunteerMatch network to connect, ask questions, and talk about issues that face nonprofits and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programs. On November 19th at 10:00 AM PST, we will be launching a brand new twitter chat called Twitter Talk Tuesday. Nonprofits will be able to connect with other nonprofits as well as corporations to exchange information about what strategies have worked for them in a conversational environment.

We will be discussing issues such as how nonprofits and causes can become aligned with corporate missions, fundraising, and acting local and thinking global. Of course, the issues we will be discussing will most likely not be solved in a 1-hour Twitter chat. But this gives you an opportunity to talk about them and gain knowledge about what has worked for others and why.

You will be able to join in this hour-long Twitter chat  using the hashtag “#VMTalk” and following us @VolunteerMatch.

Our First Twitter Talk Tuesday

On November 19th, VolunteerMatch will host the very first Twitter Talk Tuesday about pro bono and skilled volunteering. Through employee volunteer programs many corporations and nonprofits have come together to mutually benefit from employee’s unique skills and abilities to contribute to the greater good.

This Twitter chat will serve as a space for both nonprofits and companies to discuss issues such as measuring success, who benefits from pro bono projects, and more. People from all different backgrounds, experience levels, corporations, nonprofits and organizations are encouraged to become engaged with the VolunteerMatch online network in our Twitter Talk Tuesday. We hope to see you (virtually) at the first Twitter Talk Tuesday on November 19th!

What topics do you want to discuss with the VolunteerMatch network in a Twitter Talk Tuesday? Share your suggestions in the comments!