5 Ways to Use Your Mobile Device for Your Volunteer Program

Your mobile device can be a valuable tool for engaging volunteers.Phones and tablets haven’t replaced computers – yet. However, there are still ways to make mobile work for you that will make engaging and coordinating your volunteers easier and more effective, and create a better experience for all of you.

1. Text alerts and reminders to volunteers

Even those without smart phones can get texts these days, and SMS can be a quick, easy and cheap way to contact your volunteers about new opportunities and upcoming events.

2. Check people in at events

Services like Eventbrite will have a mobile app that syncs with your sign-up list and enables you to check in attendees and volunteers without worrying about printing out a long list. Instead, you can manage it all from a phone or tablet. This is also a great job for a volunteer at your event!

3. Live tweet an event

Want more people to know about what your organization is up to? Tweeting in real time as an event is happening will increase visibility for your nonprofit and connect you with new potential supporters. And this is another great job for volunteers – especially young, social media-savvy ones.

4. Take photos and videos

These days, phone cameras are just about as good as your standard digital, so recognize the opportunity to document the hard work of your volunteers by snapping photos of them in action. You can also capture video testimonials with a few pushes on your touch screen – and nothing engages volunteers like a heartfelt video testimonial from another volunteer.

5. Make thank you calls

Recognition is a key element of volunteer engagement. And while there are many different ways to show your volunteers you appreciate them, a sincere “thank you” is a must. Thank them in person with a big smile, and then use your mobile phone to give them a call after their work with you is done to reiterate the impact they made. They’ll be surprised, gratified, and that much more likely to come back and bring their friends and family with them.

How do you use your mobile devices to engage volunteers? Let us know in the comments below!