Expert Snapshots for October

Expert SnapshotsAt VolunteerMatch we learn so much from other experts in the field of volunteer engagement and management, and we want to help you stay up to date on the latest news and trends. Check back every month for snapshots of what experts in the field are talking about.

Government Shutdown: What It Means for Nonprofits | The Chronicle of Philanthropy

What does the closing of the federal government mean for the nonprofit sector? What are key issues we should be focusing on? How are other groups handling these new challenges? This special report from The Chronicle of Philanthropy also includes stories submitted by other readers about their own organizations.

Prospective Volunteers are Closer Than You Think | Energize, Inc.

There are many great tools for finding new volunteers, but that can sometimes mean nonprofits overlook the opportunity to engage people within their own networks and communities. Susan Ellis offers strategies and tips for identifying and reaching out to prospective volunteers that are already much closer to your organization.

Volunteering Makes You Happier | Fast Co.Exist

A recent study from the University of Exeter further cements the connection between volunteering, happiness, and health. The key, however, is that volunteers need to choose to give back, and it needs to be a positive experience. For nonprofits, this means forming emotional connections before people volunteer, and making sure to recognize them for their contributions.

5-Step Nonprofit Plan to Attract and Keep Corporate Partners | Beth Kanter

On the heels of our extremely popular Nonprofit Insights webinar about corporate-nonprofit partnerships, this post by Simon Mainwaring on Beth Kanter’s blog is a meaty resource full of tips for framing a partnership so it’s clear why it’s a great idea for the company.