5 Awesome But Overlooked VolunteerMatch Resources

Don't forget about these 5 great but often overlooked resources that VolunteerMatch provides for nonprofits for volunteer engagement.Sure, VolunteerMatch helps hundreds of thousands of organizations find the volunteers they need for free each day. Sure, we make over a hundred connections between volunteers and nonprofits per hour. But this isn’t all we do.

To make sure your volunteer engagement efforts are successful, long-lasting, and make a big difference in your work, we also provide a bunch of extra tools and resources to help you engage, manage, appreciate and retain your volunteers. Often in the crazy hoopla that is volunteer engagement, these added “bonus” services are overlooked.

Check out these 5 awesome VolunteerMatch resources, and don’t forget they’re here next time you’re looking for some extra help!

Community Leader Premium Service

The added features in this upgraded nonprofit account include custom greetings and questions, document sending, and other time savers. The entire package is only about $9 per month, so if you’re looking to put some extra oomph behind your volunteer engagement, this is a great option.

VolunteerMatch Learning Center

This is your hub for learning all about volunteer engagement. Sign up for dozens of free webinars on all sorts of practical topics, download research and insights reports, watch tutorials on how best to use VolunteerMatch, and much, much more.

Social Sharing Options

Whenever you post a volunteer opportunity on VolunteerMatch, you have the ability to easily share it with your social networks – with one click. We’ve even pre-written the messages for you. So make sure your organization’s Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn crowds know that there’s a new way for them to get involved – and who knows, you might just connect with someone who’s never even heard of you!

Nonprofit and Volunteer Story Archives

We love hearing about how nonprofits and volunteers are working together to make the world a better place. In fact, we love it so much, we publish special articles spotlighting VolunteerMatch nonprofits and volunteers. Browse through past stories to find inspiration for you and your volunteers, and share your own story with us.

Opportunity Alerts

Yes, technically this is a feature for volunteers, not nonprofits. However, these personalized email alerts delivered directly to you can be a great way to learn how other organizations are recruiting volunteers using VolunteerMatch, and could inspire you to step up your engagement.

Besides, you might find your perfect match to get out of the office and do some volunteering yourself! The email alerts are customized based on the skills and cause areas you specify in your Volunteer Profile. To access, sign in to VolunteerMatch.org and click on “Your Profile” in the “Volunteers” section of the site.

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