Nonprofit Tip of the Month: Add Cause Areas to Engage the Right Volunteers

Choose cause areas for your volunteer listing that will attract the right volunteers to your nonprofit organization.The most popular tips in this series focus on tools that help you engage a larger volunteer audience. In the past, I’ve shared the importance of social media, strategic keywords and professional skills.

This month, however, I’m all about adding cause areas to your opportunities and how they will help match your organization with volunteers that are the best fit for your needs.

Adding causes to your volunteer opportunities is quick and easy to do:

  • In the first step of the posting process (the ‘What’ step) you’ll notice a section labeled ‘Interest areas’ near the bottom of the page.
  • To add interest areas, simply check the corresponding boxes and click ‘Next Step’ to save.
  • You are required to add at least one cause but can opt to add three: if applicable, add all three. This will ensure that your opportunity shows up more often in search results.

Choose as many interest areas as are relevant so volunteers who are passionate about your cause will find your volunteer opportunities.

Recently, we made some major changes to our site–including the way volunteers search for opportunities. In addition to searching by keyword, volunteers are now able to search by cause area. So adding cause areas to your opportunities will help your organization show up more often in search results to the volunteers who really care about your cause.

Some more exciting changes to the VolunteerMatch interface: the Volunteer Profile and the Recommendations Engine. Volunteers now have to ability to create a profile outlining their skills and the causes they are passionate about. The Recommendations Engine generates a customized list of suggested opportunities based on information included in the Volunteer Profile. To ensure your organization’s posts are recommended to the right volunteers, add causes to all of your volunteer opportunities!

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