June Webinar Preview: New Ways to Engage Volunteers


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This month we’re introducing even more webinars to help you engage volunteers. We’ve added two brand new sessions to our Fighting Hunger series.These webinars might be geared towards fighting hunger, but the information provided is applicable to all types of organizations. No matter where you’re at with your engagement strategies, these webinars can help.


Fighting Hunger Together: Engage Volunteers in New Ways!

When you think about volunteering to fight hunger, do you think of jobs like food sorting or serving food in a soup kitchen?  What if we told you that volunteers can do even more to help fight hunger? Using examples from successful food banks, pantries and meal service programs, we’ll discuss creating new types of opportunities in order to create more volunteer engagement. Even if you don’t work for a hunger organization, you’ll learn how to engage volunteers by thinking outside the box. Sample position descriptions will be provided.

Fighting Hunger Together: Recruit & Engage Volunteers in SNAP Outreach

One of the most effective ways to fight hunger is to ensure that your clients are enrolled in federal assistance programs. Mobilizing volunteers to assist with your SNAP outreach (formerly the food stamp program) is not only a great way to help meet your mission, but it’s also rewarding for your volunteers. In this webinar we’ll cover the steps for recruiting, training and managing volunteers in SNAP outreach. Sample position descriptions and recruitment plans will be provided. If you aren’t yet engaging volunteers in this way, or if you’re looking for some new ideas – this session is for you.

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