Making a Choice to Change Your World

We love videos. Who doesn’t? Videos are a great way to spread your message and create genuine, emotional connections with your community members. Here’s a video about volunteering that one of our wonderful interns created. Doesn’t her passion just ooze from this and make you want to get involved?


Here is a word from the filmmaker, Lauren Pattugalan:

“I made this video because I want to inspire individuals to take the initiative in volunteering. My intent for is to give an example of how one can help make the world a better community.

“Helping those who live in hunger is just one example of the many ways someone could help. I also want to show that volunteering is enjoyable and lifts the spirit of oneself and the spirits of those we are helping.

“Everyone has the power to volunteer. I wanted to make something that inspires people to use that power, and that is why I made this video.”

Has a video helped your organization spread your message and engage your community? Share it below!

Lauren Pattugalan is a sophomore at Immaculate Conception Academy, a Cristo Rey School. She is a student in the class of 2015 and takes part in the corporate work study program at ICA, which is how VolunteerMatch was lucky enough to get to know her.