One Man’s GIG to Tell Your Inspiring Stories

Guest post by Toan Lam, Go Inspire Go

The Go Inspire Go team having fun on a photo walk.

There are inspiring stories everywhere – as nonprofits who work with dedicated volunteers, you know that better than anyone. But when you turn on the tube or surf the net, it’s often hard to find them.

This is the story of how I’m trying to make the stories of people who go above and beyond to help others – people like you and your volunteers – more visible.

After reporting the news on TV for about eight years, I realized didn’t want to bring you stories of death and destruction anymore. Many people have told me that instead, they want to see stories of volunteerism, inspiration and community.

So I did something about it! I quit my TV gig and ventured into my new GIG – Go Inspire Go, a multi-platform website dedicated to telling authentic stories of everyday community heroes, leveraging social media to build community and spark action.

I’m sure each and every one of you has witnessed the incredible dedication and impact of volunteers. We want to get their story, and yours, out to the world. Know of someone who fits this description? Please tell us about them.

I truly believe that a story well told will further inspire you and your community to become civically engaged.

Here are some examples of great stories:

  1. Nico Castro, a 6-year-old “Halloween hero,” who is battling brain cancer but wanted to bring the Halloween spirit to his sick friends at the hospital.
  2. Jorge Munoz, a school bus driver in Queens, NY, by day and “Angel in Queens” by night. For the past decade, Jorge has spent half of his modest salary buying groceries so he and his family could cook and deliver their home made meals to more than 150 hungry and often homeless people at the subway stop every night.
  3. Ron Holt, a psychiatrist who cut back on his work hours and spends his own money and time speaking to students and professionals about the biology of sexuality, impact of bullying and living your authentic self.

GoInspireGo (GIG) shed light on these everyday heroes and helped multiply their movements by sharing their stories.

For the past four years, my all-volunteer team and I have been bootstrappin’ it to find inspiring content that sparks civic engagement. Content that awakens something inside you to action. And people tell us they want more!

It takes a village to create more stories, however.

We need your help.

We can do this together.

We’re launching a campaign called 50I50 to highlight 50 heroes in 50 states, and we’re inviting you to support a superhero and join our movement to inspire:


Through my new GIG, I know that there are everyday heroes out there that are living examples of generosity, goodness and selfless service. GIG can connect and inspire these communities.

Your small acts, and those of your volunteers = BIG, meaningful changes. Help us multiply our movement and uncover more everyday heroes that make it their GIG to give back.

Tell us about ordinary people doing extraordinary good in your community.