Appreciate Women In Your Community and Reach More Volunteers

As the saying goes, “men are from Mars and women are from Venus.” Despite this, during Women’s History Month, a wide range of volunteers from both genders will be eager to collaborate in a positive way and give back to the community. VolunteerMatch provides a great platform for nonprofit organizations to connect with amazing volunteers. How can VolunteerMatch help nonprofits more effectively reach prospective volunteers?

Bridging the Gap
Once a nonprofit has created a profile on VolunteerMatch, they can reach the highest number of volunteers by maximizing the delivery and content of a post. One way a nonprofit can accomplish this objective is to include a thorough description of what they are looking for in a volunteer and information about the organization within the post – the more detail, the better. Here are a few women’s rights and education nonprofits that created strong posts on VolunteerMatch:

Empowered Women International is looking for a volunteer to mentor immigrant, refugee and low-income women entrepreneurs. On their VolunteerMatch post under the qualifications section, the organization requires a volunteer to have a passion for empowering women entrepreneurs – an excellent trait to look for in a volunteer.

Calvary Women’s Service of Washington, D.C. is asking local volunteers to teach one hour classes to local homeless women on topics such as nutrition, women’s health, financial literacy, art, and communication skills. At the end of their post, a great call-to-action encourages volunteers to seek more about the organization.

Chicktime, located in New Braunfels, Texas, is reaching out to volunteers who are interested in supporting female victims of child abuse. Their VolunteerMatch post has a great title – one that really hooks the reader’s attention. Within the post, catchy taglines hyperlink to different areas of the organization’s website, which allows volunteers to easily find more information about the nonprofit.

This Women’s History Month, enhance your nonprofit’s online presence and let potential volunteers know about your organization. There are many volunteers who are willing to make an effort to reach out and give back – not only for women’s rights and education – but for a wide range of causes.

Use VolunteerMatch as a resource to find passionate and dedicated volunteers during the month of March, and beyond. And don’t forget to let the women in your life know you care!

Steven Birdwell is a Communications & Social Media Intern at VolunteerMatch. You can reach him at and follow him at @srbirdwell.

Image provided courtesy of Girls on the Run/VolunteerMatch.