Trends in Online Giving for 2013: From Crowdfunding to Donations by Text

Guest post by Logan Harper, MPA@UNC

2013 Trends in Online GivingFrom crowdfunding to donations by text, the Internet offers innovations in technology that make it easier than ever to donate to a cause. Charities and nonprofits now have countless ways to reach their audience, allowing people to quickly learn about and support causes that resonate with their personal interests, either as donors themselves or by becoming volunteer online fundraisers.

Here are three emerging trends in online giving that are expected to continue in 2013:

Videos Will Become More Popular

Last March, Invisible Children’s “Kony 2012” video went viral, amassing more than 100 million views in six days. Although “Kony 2012” was subsequently immersed in controversy and criticism, the video was a success in raising awareness of the organization and its mission. Videos are easily digestible pieces of information that give people a sense of an organization and, as illustrated by “Kony 2012,” can quickly garner support for its mission, especially when fundraising is involved.

Mobile Donations Will Spread

As the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Social Media for Social Good infographic illustrates, mobile donations have become a significant resource in online giving. At the beginning of 2010, a total of $1 million had been collected via mobile donations. After the Haiti earthquake, the number rose to $50 million. Within a week of Hurricane Sandy’s devastation of the East Coast in 2012, the Red Cross received more than $35 million in online donations (including mobile). Mobile donations allow people to give with ease, and creating campaigns and events around mobile donations will help organizations procure more money.

Social Media Presence Will Be a Necessity

Social media, particularly Facebook and Twitter, enable organizations to interact directly with the public. This makes it easier to raise awareness about issues and relevant current events as well as publicize the organization’s own initiatives, including fundraising. Followers can also increase the organization’s public profile by sharing tweets and links within their own social networks.

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