How to Keep the Hunger-Fighting Momentum Going

Look what we've accomplished together - let's keep it goingWe just have one thing to say: It’s amazing what we can accomplish together.

When we decided in late 2012 to dedicate our holiday messaging focus to fighting hunger, we invited you all to join us in tackling this critical and pervasive issue. We knew that by working together, we’d see some real impact where it matters – in your communities.

After spending the past month or so highlighting the need for hunger relief and ways your organization can engage volunteers to make a difference, we figured it’s time to take a look at the impact created:

Since launching this special project at the beginning of December, close to 7,000 connections were made between a hunger-related nonprofit looking for a volunteer and a person wanting to help. That is an average of about 145 good hunger-fighting people connected to good hunger-fighting causes per day! Our communications activities on our blog, in our email newsletters and on social media reached approximately 3 million people. That’s a lot of hunger-fighting power.

These metrics are pretty impressive, and we know how exciting data can be. This is evidence of the power of the VolunteerMatch network – all of you – to create impact. There is incredible power in combining your passion with a tool like VolunteerMatch to connect you with dedicated volunteers.

However, just as your work doesn’t stop after the big end-of-year push or big gala, the fight against hunger isn’t actually a temporary project. Now that we’ve got all this awareness and all these resources, let’s keep the energy going throughout the year! That’s how we’ll really be able to end hunger.

Here are some tips for how your organization can maintain the momentum and continue fighting hunger in a big way all year long:

  • If your organization does hunger-related work, be sure to regularly update your volunteer listings on VolunteerMatch. The listings are often sorted by date posted in search results, so the more often you update, the more likely it is prospective volunteers will find you.
  • Always respond to interested volunteers in a timely manner – volunteers are more likely to work with the first organization they hear back from, and their enthusiasm for your nonprofit will quickly cool if you leave them hanging.
  • Keep existing volunteers (including those you engaged during any special pushes you made in December) involved with your organization with follow up communications and activities. Make sure they know about the next opportunity to help out. Also, be sure to thank them heartily and provide recognition of their impact on your organization.

Here are more resources for keeping your organization’s hunger-fighting momentum going:

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Did your organization make a difference and fight hunger during December? Tell us about it below!