Put Your Nonprofit on the Hunger Map

Make sure your volunteer opportunities are included on the Hunger MapThey say a picture is worth 1,000 words. So how much is a map worth? In our case, a map is worth 3,913 volunteer opportunities that help end hunger (and counting).

So it’s pretty valuable.

As part of our efforts to fight hunger, and supported by the Walmart Foundation, we built a Hunger Map to increase the visibility of your hunger-related volunteer opportunities. Prospective volunteers can explore listings by state, and learn about the need for hunger relief in their areas.

Hunger in California

For example, here in California there is a 16.7% food insecurity rate, which translates to over 6 million people suffering from food insecurity. Whew. Fortunately, there are almost 500 ways across the state to help fight hunger with various nonprofits.

Hunger in Massachusetts

In my home state of Massachusetts, the food insecurity rate is 11.2%, with over 700,000 people struggling. And again, I can choose scores hunger-related volunteer opportunities when I go back for visits.

What about the state where your organization is located? Are your volunteer opportunities included in this round-up? Tens of thousands of people come to VolunteerMatch.org every day to find a way to give back. So in terms of numbers, it’s really a no-brainer.

But we’re talking about maps here, not numbers. In this case, a map is worth much more than 1,000 words. It’s worth the hard work and passion that a new volunteer will bring to your organization.

Make sure your organization is posting your hunger-related volunteer opportunities on VolunteerMatch. As a hunger-related nonprofit, you’ll also get six months of free access to our premium tool set.

Post your hunger-related volunteer opportunities now.