Expert Snapshots for December

Expert SnapshotsAt VolunteerMatch we learn so much from other experts in the field of volunteer engagement and management, and we want to help you stay up to date on the latest news and trends. Check back every month for snapshots of what experts in the field are talking about.

This month we are focusing on fighting hunger.

It’s All Around Us

In the food world, Mark Bittman is considered to be something of an expert. In this post on The New York Times, Bittman writes about the presence of hunger all around us, and how not enough people are taking advantage of programs like SNAP to help them get the food they need. Additional funding for these programs and for food banks and shelters, he says, is especially critical now as the poverty rate continues to grow.

The Stories of Hunger

As part of a special look at hunger in America, Current conducted this interview with the president and CEO of Mazon: A Jewish Response to Hunger. The interview focuses on a visual storytelling project commissioned by the nonprofit to bring real life people suffering from hunger into the conversation.

Higher Education Joins the Fight

Acitivism and community involvement is nothing new on college campuses. Sometimes, though, it’s tough to harness all that energy for concrete, localized impact. This article identifies 15 colleges that have instituted tangible, lasting approaches to fighting hunger. Is your organization located in the same area as one of these schools? Why not get in touch and see if your nonprofit can become a partner.

A Special Month for a Critical Cause

This year VolunteerMatch is focused on fighting hunger during the holiday season – so we’re providing free trainings, tools and resources for hunger and food-related organizations to help you engage volunteers in your work. Check out this article for more info, and be sure to upload your volunteer needs to!