Tip of The Month: 5 Easy Ways to Create Better Hunger Opportunities

Well folks, it’s that time of year again: the holidays are upon us. ‘Tis the season to celebrate friends, family and philanthropy.  For the entire month of December, VolunteerMatch has pledged to spread awareness for hunger related causes. For this month’s tip we’ll look at a successful hunger related opportunity from St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance in Phoenix, Arizona. I’ll tell you what works and how you can use similar strategies when creating your own hunger related opportunities.

Let’s get started!

What makes for an engaging hunger related opportunity?

The title is simple & straightforward.

Instead of a vague phrase like ‘volunteers needed’, there is a specific position title.  Before the volunteer has even read the description they already know what to expect. The title is also an opportunity to include key words or phrases that speak to your organization’s cause. Here it might be helpful to include words like ‘hunger’ or ‘food’.

The description clearly identifies volunteer duties & expectations.

While the title grabs the attention, the description conveys the specifics.  Create short sentences using casual language, avoiding overly professional jargon. Know your audience, make them aware of the impact their service will have within your organization.

Photos & reviews are included.

Reviews show up near the top of the page for a reason: they are important. Having reviews makes your opportunity more enticing and thus, more likely to generate referrals. Take the time to send out review requests to past volunteers. You’ll be happy you did.

Adding a photo to your opportunity is a great way to engage prospective volunteers. Instead of your organization’s logo—which is impersonal and unfamiliar—use images of volunteers in action. A photo is an excellent way to visually communicate the task at hand. An image can even depict the volunteer’s impact within your organization.

The requirements are clearly visible.

Notice the short list included near the bottom of the page. Including requirements ensures that you attract more informed volunteers who are more likely to follow through on their commitment. VolunteerMatch has built out an extensive requirements tool, for instructions click here.

There are multiple opportunities available.

Avoid the mistake of including multiple positions within a single opportunity. If you must fill multiple positions for the same event, create separate opportunities. If you have varying time slots to fill, create an opportunity for each. The more opportunities you create, the more volunteers you will attract.

Did you find these tips helpful? Want to know more?

For more information visit our Learning Center to register for a free webinar. Through our partnership with Walmart’s Fighting Hunger Together program we’ve created an entire webinar series intended to educate hunger related organizations. To learn more about our partnership, click here.