10 Easy Ways to Say “Thank You” to Volunteer Managers

How do you thank volunteer managers?

We all know that recognizing volunteers is important — but what about volunteer managers? What about those dedicated individuals who recruit, train and oversee volunteer staff? Those dedicated professionals who involve volunteers in your organization’s work may not always be in the spotlight but we can’t forget to give them the recognition they deserve.

For the last thirteen years organizations around the world have celebrated International Volunteer Managers Day (IVMD).  It was developed as a way to give recognition to volunteer managers and the important, diverse ways in which they contribute to their organizations.

Tasked with recruiting, training and managing volunteers, the efforts of these individuals can be felt throughout their organizations. An engaged, dedicated volunteer staff is invaluable. They can help with public outreach, fundraising or any number of projects. Without volunteer managers, contributions from volunteers would be largely impossible.

So, in honor of IVMD we want to share some quick and easy ways that nonprofit organizations can say “thank you” to their volunteer engagement staff:

  • Share your appreciation via social media. Mention your volunteer managers on Facebook, Twitter or the platform of your choice!
  • Draft a blog post outlining their accomplishments and giving praise
  • Make a thank-you video with sentiments from the staff and send it to the entire office
  • Say thanks on your website or in a newsletter or any other publication
  • Have staff sign a card or banner and present it to your volunteer managers in the office.
  • Recognize your volunteer managers at a board meeting or announce their accomplishments at an all-hands meeting.
  • Have the president of your organization draft a special message of thanks.
  • Create an award for your volunteer managers and present it to them in front of the office
  • My personal favorite: reward them with food! Take them out to lunch, dinner or buy them a cake!
  • Throw them an office party!

Do you have a way to thank your special volunteer managers? We’d love to hear from you! Please post your ideas on our Community Powered Support Page!

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