How to Keep Volunteers Close to Your Nonprofit Organization

Guest post by Roxanne Reyes

How to keep volunteers engaged with your organizationThere are times when a nonprofit organization hosts an event that is welcomed by a large audience. But once the occasion is done, the number of people who were involved decreases and only a few will remain to be active volunteers for the organization.

It’s a good move to try and keep event volunteers close to your program. After all, if you have numerous supporters for your nonprofit, you have more people to help you reach the organization’s goals.

So to prevent losing volunteers, you could try out the following tips:

1. Ask feedback from the volunteers.

If you want to know what your volunteers feel about being a part of your institution, then be sure to conduct a survey or even a quick discussion. This will help you voice your part and hear what the volunteers have to say, too. You can even work out a solution if there are some issues that arise. By getting their feedback, you are showing them what they mean to you as active supporters of your program.

2. Recognize the volunteers’ efforts.

Remember that you should show the value of the work that the volunteers are doing. You could do this by hosting an awards program or even giving out gifts. This is a way of letting your volunteers know you appreciate all their contributions.

It could also be good to turn your recognition activity into an annual celebration for you to continuously shower your volunteers with the gratitude they deserve.

3. Inform volunteers what to expect.

For you to be sure that your volunteers stay longer, you must start by letting them know what they should expect. Give them basic training or conduct a few classes where they can attend and raise questions on the activities that will happen.

You could also share some handouts which they could keep and review should they wish to learn more about the program. It can also be helpful to let them know some nonprofit benefit programs that your group is involved in.

Always maintain a good flow of communication between you and your volunteers. This will be beneficial for both of you. It could even be a bridge for you to gain more volunteers.

Roxanne is an online writer who shares her ideas about nonprofit organizations and their missions. She currently creates articles for PrintRunner, a trusted company for full color brochure printing and an active partner to nonprofit organizations through Nonprofit Printing by PrintRunner.

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