Expert Snapshots for October

At VolunteerMatch we learn so much from other experts in the field of volunteer engagement and management, and we want to help you stay up to date on the latest news and trends. Check back every month for snapshots of what experts in the field are talking about. This month we are focusing on new ways to reach potential volunteers.


Evolution of the Volunteer

Understanding who and what you need is essential to the success of the recruitment and retainment of volunteers for your organization. HandsOn Blog highlights the facts that communities are constantly evolving and your organization will be challenged to alter your perspective of why volunteers volunteer, and how diversity plays an ever-important role in connecting your organization to your community.

Enrichment of the Individual

Appealing to the individual is another great way to find volunteers. Show that volunteering isn’t just great for the community, but that it has many benefits to the potential volunteer. One of the preeminent nonprofit organizations, United Way, brings to light different personal advantages to community engagement. The adage “It builds character” has never been so relevant than when one volunteers.

Everyone Brings a Skill to the Proverbial Table

Still having a difficult time finding volunteers for your nonprofit? Maybe you should consider what demographic you’re targeting. VolunteerLocal recommends two generations you may have over overlooked: Baby-Boomers provide experience and understanding for your nonprofit, and “New-Generation” volunteers bring a new willingness and a tech-literacy unrivaled, both of whom can help lead you into the next frontier of community engagement.

Retaining Your Recruits

Your amazing volunteers have helped your organization and community complete a project. Why not show them how much you appreciate their help? Energize, Inc. details out the different components of recognizing those that have dedicated their time and effort to your organization. Retaining volunteers may be equally as tricky as recruiting, so try and give them a positive, long-lasting impression so they will be ready to go for your next endeavor.