What Nonprofits Can Do for This Election

Voter EngagementThere are some pretty scary sounding rules when it comes to nonprofits being involved in political issues. However, there are some ways that nonprofits can be involved in politics that are totally legal and very important: voter education and engagement.

Do you know what the limits are for nonprofit involvement in political elections? You probably know there are restrictions, but the truth is there are a lot of ways nonprofits can be influential in political campaigns. For example, you could distribute sample ballots, or help your constituents check their registration status and find their polling places.

Since many of the key issues during election periods are the same ones nonprofits like yours work to solve every day, it’s important to mobilize your supporters and constituents. Added to that, compared to non-voters, voters are more likely to volunteer, stay informed about local affairs, and contribute to their neighborhood’s “social capital.”

So are you sure you’re doing everything you can to make your voice and the voice of your community heard in this year’s election?

Nonprofit VOTE is a great organization that works to help you help the people you serve participate and vote in elections. They are a leading source of nonpartisan resources that you can use to integrate voter engagement into your ongoing work.

To make getting involved easier for you, Nonprofit VOTE is having a special online event next week to give you the information and inspiration you need:

Nonprofits Get Out the Vote: Countdown to Election Day

Thursday, October 11th
2:00-3:00pm Eastern Time,
11:00am-12:00pm Pacific Time

We recommend this event for any organization that works for social good. After all, mobilizing supporters like your volunteers, donors and clients served to get out and vote will ensure that your voice and the voice of your community is heard.

Click here to learn more about the special online event from Nonprofit VOTE.

Are you mobilizing your community to get out and vote? Tell us about it below!