How Getting Volunteer Reviews Solves 4 Problems at Once

Getting reviews from your volunteers is a good thingOpening yourself up to potential criticism can be scary – we get it. But getting your volunteers to review your organization has far more pros than cons. Here are a few of the problems that reviews from your volunteers can help you solve, all in one fell swoop:

Volunteer De-brief and Reengagement

You volunteers may have had an amazing experience with you, but what about after it’s all over? It’s important to follow up with volunteers and find ways to keep them engaged with your cause.

When someone writes a review, they necessarily will need to think critically and honestly about their volunteer experience. They will remember how it made them feel and the impact they had on the community. Just by writing a review, your volunteers will begin to form deeper connections with your organization.

Build Trust and Credibility for Prospective Volunteers

What will set you apart from other organizations on VolunteerMatch with volunteer opportunities? What will make prospective volunteers choose you?

Studies show that people are far more likely to choose products and services that have been reviewed by their peers – even if those reviews are negative. It’s about trust and authenticity, and by getting volunteer reviews your organization will have more credibility in the eyes of people who could be your next big supporters.

Breakdown of Reviews at

Gather Feedback to Help You Improve

Reviews on VolunteerMatch from your volunteers will provide you with direct feedback about your programs, showing you exactly what you need to improve, and what great aspects you can build upon. Instead of taking additional time to design and send out a separate survey, just ask your volunteers to submit reviews on VolunteerMatch.

Develop Great Content about Your Program

Nothing is more effective for spreading your organization’s impact than the words of your volunteers. Far more poignant than you could write, hearing about the experiences your volunteers have making a difference with you will attract more support of all types.

VolunteerMatch reviews show up to anyone who views your organization’s profile on the site. Additionally, you can take that content and use it as testimonials in your own communications.

How to Get Volunteer Reviews

It’s easy! After your volunteers finish their time with you (whether it was a one-day event or a six-month stint,) send them a quick message thanking them and ask them to write a quick review on VolunteerMatch. Here are instructions:

  1. Link to your organization’s profile page on VolunteerMatch
  2. Scroll down until you see “Would you recommend…” and click the button “Tell Us Why.”

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