Your Volunteer Needs in Front of Millions of Corporate Professionals

Need volunteers? We've got millions.Every once in a while it’s helpful to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

At VolunteerMatch, the bigger picture boils down to our mission: strengthening communities by making it easier for good people and good causes to connect. The connections you make every day with volunteers who find you on the website are direct ways we work to fulfill this mission. (In fact, we make over 2,000 of these connections every day.)

But there’s actually more going on than just what you see on Because at the turn of the millennium, we realized that new technologies and a growing interest in the role of business in improving the world provided a great opportunity.

By launching VolunteerMatch Solutions and working with companies to help them engage their employees in volunteering, we’re leveraging the scale of big business and technology to connect you with even more of the help you need.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Your organization identifies a volunteer need and posts a listing on
  2. That listing not only shows up in search results on, but on the special websites of over 150 of our corporate network partners.
  3. An employee of one of our partners browses the system, looking for ways to give back in their free time or using their paid volunteer time off.
  4. They are intrigued by your volunteer opportunity, and click “I want to help!” in order to learn more and sign up.
  5. You gain a dedicated, passionate and talented volunteer to support your organization.

In 2011, 42% of the connections made between nonprofits and volunteers in the VolunteerMatch network happened via one of these corporate channels. The volume of volunteers searching for volunteer opportunities through their companies’ websites, and the rate at which they’re signing up, add a special “oomph” to the power that VolunteerMatch has to help your organization.

So next time you recognize a volunteer need at your nonprofit, remember that when you post it on, it’s like posting 150 listings at once. And the message and mission of your organization will be reaching millions of volunteers at companies all over the country. That’s some serious potential impact.