Tip of the Month: Writing an Effective Opportunity Description

Tip of the month: Crafting opportunity descriptionsThe description of your volunteer opportunity on VolunteerMatch makes up the bulk of the content. Aside from relaying the specifics of the role, it serves as an introduction to your organization and its culture. Crafting an engaging opportunity description is an important way to attract attention and ultimately guarantee more interest from prospective volunteers.

Here are a few quick tips to help you draft effective volunteer opportunities on your own:

Know Your Audience

While you might be familiar with the volunteer position you’re recruiting for, remember: most of the users who will read your description are NOT. Talk to your current volunteers about their roles. How do they describe the work they do? Incorporate this feedback into your description.

Keep It Light, Brief and Straightforward

A well-written opportunity description lets potential volunteers know exactly what is expected of them. Use short, succinct sentences to address the specifics of the role and clearly outline expectations. Avoid lengthy paragraphs with needlessly professional jargon. The most effective opportunity descriptions are limited to a hundred words.

Let Volunteers Know How They Will Help

How will this role affect your organization’s cause? Take a few sentences to describe the positive impact the position will have within the community.


It sounds simple enough, but many forget about this essential step. For many volunteers the opportunity description is an introduction to your organization itself. Misspelled words give the impression of unprofessionalism. They denote a lack of caring or attention to detail. We’ve found that opportunities with grammatical errors are significantly less likely to attract volunteers. Always remember to check your work before posting it!

Use these tips to help you create engaging opportunities for your organization. Get started today!

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Happy recruiting, everyone!