Pinterest For Nonprofits: Four Tips For Effective Pinning

VolunteerMatch has found a home over at Pinterest — and we want you to join us!

With well over 100 million users, Pinterest is now the third largest social media site, after Facebook and Twitter. It’s a site where users share images by “pinning” photos and videos to their boards to share with other users. And we think nonprofits can use it to engage volunteers.

Personal, aspirational and optimistic, Pinterest can offer potential volunteers a look behind the scenes, inspiration and tangible evidence of your impact. As a platform for visual storytelling, Pinterest can help you connect with potential and current volunteers. It can also direct a ton of traffic to your website, as pins link back to their original source.

Check out these tips for nonprofits on Pinterest:

Focus on your impact.
More and more, nonprofit volunteers, donors and supporters want to know exactly how your organization makes a difference. They’re more likely to volunteer, donate and fundraise if your nonprofit clearly displays its impact.

Pinterest can be an effective way to get your message across. Images and videos of your work will fit right into the positive mood of the website and inspire followers to join your cause.

It’s not all about you.
Social media is often pegged as a product of a narcissistic era. While a lot of social sites center on a “look at me” attitude, Pinterest is based more on a “look at this” philosophy.

Make sure you follow other nonprofits, individuals and volunteers within your organization’s space. By highlighting their work in addition to your own, you’ll avoid over-promotion and retain the sense of optimistic camaraderie that characterizes Pinterest. It’s also a great way to thank those that support you — whether that’s through volunteering, donating or simply repinning your posts.

Pull back the curtain.
Pinterest operates on individual-to-individual connections. Users value personalization over promotion, so it’s important to give your organization a human face.

Offer your followers a behind-the-scenes look at your nonprofit. By featuring your staff, volunteers and those your organization affects, you’ll give your organization a personality. Your nonprofit will be more appealing and more likely to attract new supporters and volunteers.

Start a conversation.

While images and videos are the backbone of Pinterest, you can further connect with followers by using words. Use Pinterest’s caption, tag and comment options to really start a discussion with your audience.

Explain exactly what’s happening in a photo, and use relevant tags to help people find your pins. Comment on other people and organizations’ pins, directly engaging them in conversation. These are great ways to increase your visibility, make your pins easier to find and connect with your supporters.

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